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The best compliments we receive are testimonials from our happy patients and fellow doctors recommending our services to their friends and loved ones.

“This doctor did an excellent job removing varicose veins from my left calf. He was also very polite and professional throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend him for this type of treatment.”

“I found Dr. Hunter to be an excellent surgeon, no problems. Follow up was excellent.”

“Dr. Hunter was excellent for me before, during and after my operation. I’m alive today thanks to his skills as a surgeon and would highly recommend him to family and friends.”

“Dr. Hunter gave me a hospital experience for the ages. He was a very kind man who made me feel as though he connected with me on a more personal level. A very caring man. His bedside manners were amazing and had the right answer to every question I asked. I highly recommend this doctor.”

“Thanks to Dr. Hunter who certainly saved my life when I was at risk of getting a stroke. Dr. Hunter is a top surgeon, his manner is impeccable and his team outstanding. I could not recommend a better surgeon.”

“Dr. Hunter removed a large varicose vein and all the smaller ones in my shin in his office less than two weeks ago. I am shocked and super impressed with how easy the recovery has been. I was also blown away with the extremely minimal amount of scarring. He had to make lots of small incisions and I was nervous to see the damage under all the bandages, but when I removed them I could not believe how minimal the damage was. There were just some super tiny cuts that have almost completely disappeared already. I am really impressed with my whole experience. While it was a little unnerving being awake during the procedure, I still was grateful to not have to go under general anesthetic and I am incredibly happy with the result!”

“I am a nurse and worked with Dr. Hunter. He is a technical and excellent surgeon.”

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